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Guangxi Nanfang Black Sesame Food Nourishing Co., Ltd.   容县

The worlds biggest Healthy Food Intelligent Factory,with advancing international technology and equipment to produce black sesame paste and cereal meal replacement powder.


Chuzhou Nanfang Black Sesame Food Co., Ltd.   滁州

With about 24 Ha operation area,engaged in processing black sesame beverage,plant milk and paste.


Jiangxi XiaoheiXiaomi Food Co., Ltd. 江西

With about 15 Ha operation area,mainly engaged in processing black sesame paste and beverage, is the second largest subsidiaries of Nanfang Group.


Jingmen Wojiazhuangyuan Selenium-Rich Rice Co., Ltd 我家庄园

With about 12 Ha operation area, engaged in planting, purchasing, processing and selling of rice.


Hubei Jinghe Rice Co., Ltd 京和米业

With about 14 Ha operation area engaged in planting, storage, logistic, processing and selling of rice.